The Toronto Noise Coalition (TNC) is advocating for effective, enforceable noise management.

Members of the Toronto Noise Coalition are Toronto residents and business people, working together to ensure that Toronto remains a livable city with no adverse impacts of noise on our health. Noise levels are a key factor in our ability to share a healthy and enjoyable life, yet City reports show that noise complaints increased 312% in the past 5 years.
The City of Toronto is currently reviewing its Noise By-law. 

Creating an effective Noise Management Plan for the City of Toronto is one of the most important things the City will ever do. It will define the quality of life of Torontonians for generations to come.

A recent City survey found that:
  • 82.5% of respondents said noise is a problem in their ward

  • 54% have made a formal noise complaint

  • Most disruptive noises was from construction (40.1%), amplified sounds (29%) and motorcycles (30.6%)

  • Noise has a varied effect on respondents, from general disturbance (77.5%) to loss of sleep/insomnia (48.2%) to stress (48.2%)

* Source


What is this about?

“The scientific research demonstrates that health effects occur at noise levels below those that impair hearing. Some of these health effects include increased risk for cardiovascular disease, negative effects on sleep, communication, performance and behaviour, reading and memory acquisition, and mental health.”

Dr Sheela Basrur 2000

Let’s make sure Toronto is a city that listens.

The central goal of the existing Noise By-law is the protection of “the quiet, peace, rest, enjoyment, comfort or convenience of the inhabitants of the City.”

The mandate of the current review expands the goal to include “the balance of interests” of all stakeholders.  While we understand that managing noise in a lively growing city is not simple, we must ensure that the interests of those who live here are not lost in the discussion.  A city that is not truly livable cannot be a great city.

Based on City staff’s January 2016 recommendations, we were concerned the city’s plan would have: 

  • Remove existing noise bylaw safeguards,

  • Reduce existing noise protection provisions, 

  • Weaken the City’s ability to protect the health and quality of life for all Torontonians, and

  • Not have the tools or budget for adequate and timely enforcement of noise regulations.​