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How Loud is too Loud?

The Board of Health’s 2017 report How Loud is too Loud – Health Impacts of Noise on Environmental Health describes the increasing concern about the impacts of environmental noise on health, especially in urban areas. The World Health Organization standard is for a level of 55 dB daytime while Toronto has environmental levels up to an average of 64.1 daytime. And ML&S has proposed up to 85dB for amplified sound and currently grants noise exemption permits at this level. Modified motorcycles can be much louder. The Public Health Noise Management Action Plan will be developed in conjunction with the new Noise Bylaw and should help reduce permitted levels in this Bylaw. Executive Summary There i

TNC advocates for policies to restrict noise in the TOCore Plan

Livability for the thousands of residents who live and work in the Downtown Core must include regulation of noise. The May 21. 2018 TNC letter to Downtown Councillors re TOCore Downtown Plan (pdf) recommended enhancing policies to protect these residents. Instead, City Council requested a report in 2019 on the feasibility of the creation of a proposed noise mitigation program to support live music venues and report back to the Economic Development Committee in 2019 as part of the night-time economy action plan. Our concerns about the City’s apparent push to accommodate live music venues at the cost of residents quality of life was subject our September 2017 letter in response to the PG22.13


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