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Letter to TOCore Re: Additional comments for Phase 3 of the Public Consultation - Tocore: Planning D

March 5, 2017

Re: Additional comments for Phase 3 of the Public Consultation - Toco re: Planning Downtown

Original Letter

Thank you for presenting Toronto's 25-year plan for the Downtown Core on Saturday, March 4th. A few of our Toronto Noise Coalition members were present during the workshop and while perhaps we are more informed than most Torontonians, the workshop provided an opportunity for the downtown core to voice their opinions in each of the 3 areas and read through the informative pamphlets provided.

We heard that our incredible growth spurt and dealing with the challenges that face our growing city is at a critical point. We agree. We must get this right. We know that there are many challenges to ensuring this downtown core is a city for all. We must make sure that what is being proposed, takes in to consideration the health and welfare of all ages of citizens from children to seniors. This is where noise is an important factor.

We see planning in all of the proposed areas and the prevention or minimization of noise as extremely important to make sure we have a healthy and safe environment to live in. In fact, livability in our city depends on having this important element front and centre at all phases in the plan while we grow.

The reference Jennifer Keesmaat made to "are we going to kill the golden goose?n was timely. We need to make sure that measurements are in place to checkpoint regularly how we are doing. Downtown's health underpins the health of the entire city. As your report states, "The role that Downtown plays in ensuring the long­term prosperity and social well-being ofTorontonians must ensure it remains liveable for all those that live, work, learn, play, and invest here in the City". It does NOT mean however that those who "play" here or "invest" here do so in an intrusive or destructive way to those residents who have made downtown their home. Noise as you are aware can break or destroy a neighbourhood's health. The tolerance of noise is being tested because of the many parties that do not have the same vested skin in the game.

We must also make sure that our parks have quiet spaces for individuals and families to enjoy. Turning them in to noisy commercial music spaces is not in the vested interest of those who live here. While occasional cultural and music festivals are ok, having the parks taken over frequently by noisy cultural events is not desired.

We ask that you make noise issues and preventative measures while the city is growing one of the highest priorities. It is important to our health and well-being and reputation as a livable city. Thank you


Toronto Noise Coalition

Ian Carmichael, Mary Helen Spence, Liz Sauter


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