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The City restarts the noise bylaw process!

Municipal Licensing &Standards staff is now to report back in the fall of 2019 with proposals for a new bylaw. The March 28 ML&S report outlined the history of the unsuccessful Working Group process and recommended new next steps, some reflecting our requests, outlined in the April 9 Toronto Noise Coalition letter. The new ML&S process for dealing with the many outstanding issues is to • undertake further consultations with stakeholders using independent professional facilitators (this point was stressed in City Council’s approval) to ensure that all stakeholders are able to provide constructive and focused feedback, • undertake further public opinion research, • procure services of an independent acoustical engineer, • pursue additional research and data analysis, including jurisdictional best practices. • work with Toronto Public Health to ensure the new noise bylaw is aligned with their noise management action plan, now being developed, and • work with Toronto Police Service to develop a new enforcement program, given that the Police will no longer be involved. Watch for updates and how you can participate.

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