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A WIN for community involvement! Noise By-law to be studied further

THANKS TO NEIGHBOURS WHO RESPONDED TO THE CALL TO ACTION. We CAN make a difference in our city! Please read our TORONTO NOISE COALITION POSITION ON CURRENT & PROPOSED CHANGES TO THE TORONTO BY-LAW. May 17, 2016 (PDF) “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead Yesterday was a win for the Toronto Noise Coalition, for the City, but most of all for the many individuals, businesses, residents and community organizations from all across the city and some City Councillors who pulled together to make this happen. In the last short month YOU - • wrote letters - over 100 of them • created mailing lists, and telephone trees • attended meetings • researched everything from leaf blowers to jackhammers • discussed policy • debated decibels and points of measurement • counted exemptions and enforcement officers • wrote and edited the 7 Point Position on the proposed revisions • set up conference calls to exchange ideas and strategy • contributed your noise expertise learned from hours of having to put up with it • prepared your presentations for the L&S Committee and • took a morning of you time, some from work, to attend the meeting today. Councillors Wong Tam, Cressy and McConnell discussed the issues with their constituents and members of the Licensing & Standards Committee (L&S), three of whom took time to meet with the Coalition - Councillors Karygiannis, Matlow and Di Giorgio. This morning, before any of us had a chance to speak to the many issues, the following motion was approved by the members of the L&S Committee: Motion to Defer Item moved by Councillor Josh Matlow (Carried) That the item be deferred until September 21, 2016 with the request that the Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards establish a working group with representatives from the Toronto Noise Coalition, Residents’ Associations, construction and entertainment business associations, BIAs, and other relevant stakeholders, and report back on September 21, 2016 meeting. We all deserve a pat on the back and a restful, QUIET weekend - the best thank you we could have. So we will all take a break, think about next steps and be in touch. The Toronto Noise Coalition Toronto Noise Coalition | 199 Bay Street | Toronto | ON | M5L 1E7 | Canada |

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