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URGENT Noise Bylaw at City Council meeting April 16 and 17

Advise your Councillor!

Email the Mayor and City Council Members

See our TNC letter to the Mayor and Councillors (pdf)

We are recommending that the report on the proposed new Bylaw (EC3.6) be deferred for two months to resolve outstanding issues. Our issues include:

  • Retaining and enhancing the General Provision to ensure broad protection and ability to complain, in addition to specific regulations,

  • For amplified sound, retaining ability to measure noise on a venue’s property line, replacing Leq with DBZ for relevant measurements, and

  • For all vehicles, expand proposed provisions for motorcycles and reduce noise limits.

And support the proposed requirement for exemptions and noise mitigation plans for continuous pouring of concrete overnight, which the construction industry appears to oppose. We also ask for further reports on the needs for various initiatives to support the Noise Bylaw.

Find you councillor and see his/her email address here!

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