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Police take action on excessive traffic noise

Awareness & Enforcement for Unnecessary Noise Toronto Police Traffic Services The City of Toronto and the Toronto Police Service hear from residents who are concerned by the noise from vehicles that have been modified, altered or used in a way that is excessively noisy. Loud and excessive noise can be characterized as noise that is a nuisance to the general public, taking into consideration the nature, location, time and proximity of the source to residents and members of the public. Examples may include a loud auto stereo or car, truck or motorcycle exhaust emitting sound to the extent it disturbs patrons at a restaurant, nearby residents or other motorists on the roadway. Poor and dangerous driving, such as racing, stunt driving and squealing tires, is also associated with noise and this behaviour can put pedestrians and other vulnerable road users at risk. Provincial laws and City of Toronto by-laws are in place to protect quality of life and permit enforcement against unnecessary: • Vehicle horns and alarms (Highway Traffic Act, section 75) • Loud mufflers/exhausts (Highway Traffic Act, section 75) • Engine revving, squealing tires (Highway Traffic Act, section 172) • General noise (Municipal Code – 591) Officers from the City of Toronto Municipal Licensing and the Toronto Police Service Motor Squad of Traffic Services will begin an awareness and enforcement action starting Monday, July 15, 2019.

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