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City Review of the 2019 Noise Bylaw – now Q4, 2021

The Municipal Licensing and Services report, originally proposed for Q???2020, is now proposed for Q4, 2021.

The Toronto Noise Coalition undertook a survey of residents in 2016 as work on the new Noise Bylaw began and is planning to do its own review. Watch for further details!

Carleton Grant, Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Services, advised the Coalition on November 11, 2020:

“The Noise Bylaw was amended in 2019, and came into effect last October. At the time that the bylaw was adopted, City Council requested a 1-year update on the implementation of the bylaw as well as any outstanding issues, to be brought to Economic and Community Development Committee in Q4 2020.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact both on our reporting schedule and on the redirection of enforcement resources and priorities. In order to properly and fully evaluate the implementation of the Bylaw, and adjusting for the impact of the pandemic on our policy reporting, the report back on the Noise Bylaw is now expected in Q4 2021. As part of the implementation update and review of outstanding issues, staff will review complaint and enforcement data as well as community feedback to evaluate the effectiveness of these changes, and determine whether additional amendments are required.”

The Toronto Noise Coalition undertook a survey of residents in 2016 at the beginning of work on the new bylaw, and plans to undertake a new survey in advance of the City’s Q4 2021 report. Watch for further details.

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