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Implementation Review of the Noise Bylaw

The City’s public consultations on a review of recent changes to the Noise Bylaw, which are happening September 12-21. The meetings will be both virtual and in person and cover bylaw provisions for general noise, amplified sound, motor vehicles and construction noise.

New regulations to ban 2 stroke engines, such as leaf blowers, will be considered separately next year.

For more information and to register see Link Implementation Review of the Noise Bylaw.


The Noise Bylaw (Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 591) provides standards for noise, and applies to all properties in Toronto. It must balance the desires of all residents to enjoy their homes and environments, and at the same time recognize that in a City as large and vibrant as Toronto, certain levels of noise are reasonable and reflect life in a densely populated area. The 2023 Implementation Review of the Noise Bylaw will assess amendments made to the Bylaw in 2019 and consider potential refinements.

There will be six (6) consultation meetings to seek feedback on the public’s experience with the amended Noise Bylaw and the refinements under consideration. Each consultation will focus on one particular area related to the Noise Bylaw, as listed below. There will be a combination of in-person and virtual meetings. Note that there will be two identical meetings held for Amplified Sound and General Noise, one virtual and one in-person. If you’re interested in attending, please register using this link and select the meeting(s) that most align with your interest(s). You are welcome to attend multiple sessions. Links to the virtual meetings are available on the dedicated registration pages.

Meeting Focus


Date (in 2023)



General Noise

(for example: unreasonable and persistent noise, power device noise, noise from waste collection)

7 to 9 pm

Tues, Sep 19


7 to 9 pm

Amplified Sound

(for example: music from bars)

7 to 9 pm

Thurs, Sep 21

Metro Hall

55 John St

Room 308/309

7 to 9 pm

Motor Vehicles

Mon, Sep 18


7 to 9 pm

Construction Noise

(for example: condo developments and residential infill)

Wed, Sep 20

North York Central Library

5120 Yonge St, Meeting Room 101

5:30 to 7:30 pm

More information on the Implementation Review of Noise Bylaw is available on the City of Toronto webpage -

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