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Watch for action on banning gas powered leaf blowers!

City Council has now adopted motions by both Councillors Shelly Carroll and Mike Colle to request the Director of the Municipal Licensing &Standards Division to report pollution to the Infrastructure and Environment Committee this year on banning gas powered leaf blowers due to health issues of excessive noise.

To find out when the Committee meeting will take place, check its upcoming monthly agendas by googling “Toronto TMMIS”, the Toronto meeting management information system. Also, you can add your name to the list of other concerned residents to be notified of the date, by emailing, Chair of the Deer Park Residents Group’s Noise and Pollution Committee.

The Municipal Licensing and Services report on the Noise Bylaw review was originally proposed for 2020, but been delayed due to COVID interrupting normal noise making activities. The Toronto Noise Coalition plans undertake an update of its 2016 survey of residents in conjunction with the MLS review. Watch for updates.

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